Home Owners – Save 25% on Any Home Service Or Home Improvement Project!

Yes, you can save a minimum of 25% on any Home Improvement or Remodel; and all that it takes is a little more responsibility on your part!

1) Start with your best foot forward: Hire contractors / subcontractors / service providers that are licensed; and if not licensed, be sure that the company has liability insurance and workman’s compensation if they provider any employees within their services.

2) Bids & Quotes: You should always get a minimum of three bids regarding each phase of any project or specialty (such as electrician, plumber, etc.); and always ask that your work quotes are itemized into a breakdown of labor and materials because any quote given without a breakdown of labor and material is misleading!

3) Verify Competency and Sincerity of any Contractor: Once you are ready to make a commitment with any Contractor, it is best to ask for references from the contractor that will designate a current client (a project that is currently being serviced), a most recent client that has had a completed project (within the last 2-months) and also a past client that has had a completed project from more than 6-months ago. Just because a current client is happy, it does not mean that past clients were happy with the contractor’s final performance; and what is most important, is knowing that you have committed to a contractor who has complete work that holds up to the test of time!

4) Eyewitness the Contractor’s Current Project: Not all homeowners like to be contacted or visited by a new perspective client (of their current contractor), but with any sincere effort, try to contact and (if possible) visit the contractor’s most current client to not only view the quality of the work that is being provided, but to also verify the overall satisfaction of the contractor’s performance.

5) Verify Material Pricing: If you do receive a quote (bid) that is itemized into labor and materials, this will allow you to question if your contractor is providing for you the best pricing for the materials that will be needed. As an example, most contractors will use retailers (lumber yards, specialty suppliers, appliance centers, etc.) that are local or most convenient for them; and with a little bit of goading on your part, you can either ask your contractor to screen for better pricing in regard to materials need for your project, or else, you can take the responsibility to verify better pricing on your own.

* Note: Material cost can provide the best savings if you utilize the Internet & search engines. Always try wholesale providers; and if your contractor has a wholesale license, this will guarantee you better pricing. Quantity is always good motivation to get better pricing from a retailer; and if you are able to purchase a majority of needed materials from one retailer / supplier, take the initiative to ask the manager or sales representative.

** Note: In regard to the practice of the New Remodeling Show: As a general practice, we always provide a minimum of 3-comparative quotes on any potential project; and because of this effort, we can guarantee any homeowner a minimum savings of 25% on any size remodel project while also putting more control in their hands by providing them a broader knowledge source regarding the inner workings of the contractors industry!

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